Shared Value

Our vision is to provide a complete, Shared Value strategy to support our business continuity and unlock growth opportunities.

This is underpinned by a conscious responsibility to reform social and economic inequalities by providing real opportunities for the inclusion of a young, disadvantaged black population through Collective Impact.

What is Shared Value?

What is Collective Impact?

How we do it

Shared Value and Collective Impact are very current ‘conscious capitalism’ models, however the concepts are fairly new and have not been scaled in South Africa.  Instead of fulfilling B-BBEE regulation with a tick-box approach, we decided to innovate and invest in a solution which builds on these two models, offering real compliance with legislation and simultaneously building value for both business and society.

People and supply chain are critical to our business success, by building a value chain which supports people development we strengthen our ecosystem and ensure effective solution delivery to our clients. We are very proud to share our vision with whomever we meet – the more contributors to ‘conscious capitalism’ the more scalable the solution.

It is through our innovative collaboration to achieve Shared Value and Collective Impact that we have successfully achieved a Level 1 B-BBEE score and are a proud Empowering Supplier.

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