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SkillUp Training uses Saryx’s Training Management Platform (TMP) to deliver professional and personalised training sessions for colleagues and customers, in-person and online.

Saryx established SkillUp Training due to the demand from clients for in-person and online training on the bespoke software and systems we implement for them. Since the establishment of SkillUp Training, we have received a flood of requests for all kinds of other training programmes. Today, SkillUp Training offers everything from computer-based training to the complete Microsoft Suite. In addition, we deliver soft skills related to the business, such as supervisor, management and leadership training, business and analytical skills – including Six Sigma – and efforts to help them understand and leverage their business data more effectively.

We are committed to sustainable upliftment and empowerment through education. We place a strong focus on our local disadvantaged youth, as well as women and the disabled, and our teachers mentor them on their journey. The ultimate objective is to create a qualified employee pool, where businesses may select and employ potential candidates. We do this by providing the facilitation for the training of essential business and software skills.

SkillUp Training courses powered by Saryx’s TMP, gives us the opportunity to give back to the community. Whenever customers are not being trained and there is spare capacity, training is provided for the communities that the business is working in. Many of our training courses are SERVICES or MICT SETA accredited.

SkillUp Training offers free Power Hour training for users of Saryx’s HSEC Online® cloud-based solution for Health and Safety document management compliance to ensure they receive the best.

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