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Saryx developed the HSEC Online® platform to automate its own compliance information management requirements. The first version of HSEC Online® showed impressive results. The ability to capture, manage and store compliance-related certificates online has liberated company personnel to concentrate on the more important matters of engineering and project delivery and this was evident in the 277% growth experience at the end of the 2018 financial year end.

Industry faces the daily challenge of onsite safety, measured through document compliance. In more traditional sectors, simple non-compliance due to outdated documents create delays and interrupt business services. From the corporate perspective, correcting and managing these issues is a manual process with limited control. From a contractor/ client perspective, the process is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and sometimes even after submitting the necessary documentation, the compliance status remains non-compliant due to inaction/ poor administration from the corporate’s side. The process is not a transparent one.

The three main issues industry faces include:

  1. Unsafe: having expired documentation which results in legal action, and/ or huge financial loss, and interruption of business.
  2. Unaffordable: most companies can ill afford to hire a full-time person to ensure document compliance. Even then, deadlines are missed, and documents expire, leaving companies exposed. Other systems also incur a huge financial outlay to implement, making the process unattainable and lengthy.
  3. Impracticable: correcting and maintaining non-compliance is a frustrating, manual, time-consuming and costly endeavour. Carrying around a paper copy of a safety file is impractical and serves little practical purpose if not checked daily for expired documents.

HSEC Online® replaces the incompetent ‘safety’ file

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HSEC Online® powered by Saryx addresses all these challenges and it’s at your fingertips. It enables users to have complete control over their business compliance. HSEC Online® provides peace of mind, providing three weeks of advanced reminders of pending expiring items, and a virtual, approved and ‘living’ file, ensuring complete compliance in every aspect of the business.

Don’t be reactive, get proactive with HSEC Online®

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