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29 May 2023



The need for an efficient method of storing and managing health and safety documents is crucial for the mining industry. Given the vital role of safety in the mining environment, more corporates and contractors are shifting towards the use of digital solutions to minimise the risk of non-compliance and ultimately help them reach zero harm.

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13 March 2023



The development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are critical to the future advancement of South Africa. Skilled professionals in these fields will help accelerate development in many industries and contribute to South Africa’s competitiveness on the global stage.

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20 February 2023


african mining news

African Mining News interviewed our co-founders, Ingrid and Julie, on how HSEC Online is transforming the future of health and safety compliance.

“If you are the leader of an organisation and you are aiming for zero harm, you have got to change the way you do things. Digitisation makes this faultless, it takes away human error and creates certainty.”

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7 November 2022

Saryx walks their ‘Certification’ and ‘Document Management and Compliance’ talk


SEG successfully completed a ISO27017:2015 – Cloud Security and ISO27018:2019 – Personal Data Protection audit with Sancert.

What’s more, they used HSEC Online®, their cloud-based engineered solution used for document management and compliance in the Health and Safety industry.

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25 October 2022

The Digitalisation Of The Energy Sector


Digitalisation is set to make energy systems around the world more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

Zoom in on page 19 of the Business Day – Energy Supplement – and learn what Roland Verwey, Control and Automation Manager at Saryx Engineering Group, has to say about the implications and benefits of using the following digital technologies to improve the energy sector: Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, automation and cloud computing.

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September/October 2022

On the trail of zero harm

SA Mining Sept_Oct issue featuring SEG
HSEC Online

Source: SA Mining Sept/ Oct 2022, page 28 written by Rodney Weidemann

The mining industry – which operates on the principle of zero harm – has been shifting its business models in a digital direction using digital transformation to help safeguard employees in a number of ways.

Zero harm can always be tracked through to percentage compliance. A compliant company is a safe company, especially when it comes to the compliance of people and equipment.

Says Ingrid Osborne, CEO at Saryx Engineering Group, “With HSEC Online® there is never a valid reason to have expired or invalid documents within a system. This digital solution reduces workloads by up to 90% and reminds you of things to come, actions to take, is proactive rather than reactive, and is easy to manage. It boils down to the simple fact that it is incredibly powerful for an organisation to have real-time line-of-sight of compliance for every company and person they oversee, thereby ensuring a zero-harm approach in the workplace.”

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1 September 2022

New Regulations and Standards

business media mags image with logo on saryx engineering group

The principle of SHEQ management is an old one, but new standards and the onset of digitalisation are shaking things up, writes Rodney Weidemann from Business Media Mags

Since the vast majority of accidents in the workplace are caused by unsafe acts by employees, health and safety regulations are vital for any company. Your employees’ health and safety should always be at the forefront of your decision-making, and ensuring compliance with safety, health, environment, and quality (SHEQ) rules is thus crucial.

Ingrid Osborne, co-founder and CEO of Saryx Engineering Group, explains that with old, paper based SHEQ files, complete compliance has always been extremely difficult. It was for this reason that SEG developed HSEC Online® – its own online health, safety, environment and compliance tool to ensure better compliance. “Having an online tool makes the auditing process much simpler, which is vital, since auditing is critical to ensure effective SHEQ. Auditors help companies to identify where they are non-compliant, allowing them to close these gaps. Such a tool also enables you to measure your progress around what corrective measures are put in place.

Osborne reiterates, as we’re living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital is the future. “There is no question in my mind that if you want a truly successful SHEQ solution, it simply must be a digital one – if only because, operationally, it makes you much more efficient, which in turn guarantees better compliance.”

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29 August 2022

Local female engineers taking their cloud-based health and safety compliance solution global

Ingrid Osborne and Julie Mathieson are the co-founders of HSEC Online®, a digitized cloud-based health and safety compliance solution that has completely changed how corporates and contractors integrate and manage their business compliance challenges in South Africa. Now, these innovative businesswomen are primed to take their solution global.  

Alison Collier, Endeavor South Africa’s MD says, “We believe that High-Growth Entrepreneurs transform economies and Ingrid & Julie have demonstrated this empirically, with the creation of HSEC Online®. Our mission is to support talented entrepreneurs just like these phenomenal women, by leveraging our vast global network (Endeavor is present in 40 markets globally, with 500 staff, 4,000 entrepreneurs and 5,000 mentors) to broker direct investment as well as mentoring them to grow their businesses – thereby accelerating their growth in a way that is best suited for them.  We are delighted to be able to guide them as they expand internationally.”

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15 August 2022

Saryx’s solar solution reduces operational expenditure by 10-20%

Renewable energy is the future, but leveraging its full benefits requires a software solution based on 4IR technologies, which delivers true control, accurate forecasts and enables proactive maintenance.Roland Verwey, Control Automation Manager at Saryx Engineering Group (SEG), says the company has recently developed software for a solar project at a large client. This customer has built a solar plant to provide energy for the business.“We offer a high level, comprehensive solution that enables the client to track the performance of equipment on site, right down to the level of individual solar panels. This provides a bird’s eye view of the system’s performance. With such information at hand, it allows the company to react instantaneously to alarms, or other potential challenges that arise.”

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21 June 2022

The SA Startup Act Movement is back with another informative startup webinar!

Learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs and a BBBEE specialist on how the startup ecosystem can introduce “Amendments to the BBBEE Codes to Enable Fair Access to Markets”.

Doing business with the public sector can be difficult for growing startups. Ingrid Osborne, Founder and CEO of Saryx Engineering Group shares her experiences on how to stay BBBEE compliant to access public sector opportunities.

Ingrid Osborne

May 2022

SkillUp Training offers an all-inclusive one, two and three year training solution to maximise your company’s skills potential!

We understand the challenges you face when it comes to fulfilling your company’s skills development requirements because at Saryx Engineering Group we ‘know’ the drill. That is why we have formulated a unique training solution for you.

Sign up with SkillUp Training, let us facilitate and fulfil your commitment to your skills development strategy, while you focus on your core business.

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5 May 2022

The future of health and safety compliance is now with HSEC Online®

An automated, cloud-based solution that provides a transparent, collaborative workflow platform to eliminate the manual complexities of health and safety document management, contractor management, and any management compliance.

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Freedom Day

April 2022

Saryx Engineering Group powering HSEC Online® wishes all South Africans a Happy Freedom Day!

As South Africa celebrates Freedom Day on 27 April 2022, let us honour this day with respect and salute the heroes for the sacrifices they made. Heritage remains at the heart of everything we do as we endeavour to put the health and safety of others first in the workplace, both locally and internationally.

#gotyourback #freedomday #heritage

March 2022

Saryx optimises remote client engineering operations despite pandemic challenges

Businesses rely on speed, efficiency and a high level of agility to meet the demands of their customers and failure to deliver on time can result in grave financial losses. Often, the impact of outdated technologies on plant productivity are highly underestimated. Outdated technologies add to longer breakdowns, resulting in longer downtimes, inevitably reaching a point where the technologies used to control the movement of materials are simply no longer fit to deliver the efficiencies required.

Saryx Engineering Group faced these challenges at two client sites located in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, respectively. The need to upgrade control software across the specific outdated systems was further exacerbated by the tricky lockdowns implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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18 February 2022

Saryx completes rollout of HSEC Online® for a client with 14 sites across the African region in 5 months

A global client made a strategic decision to standardise their contractor management processes across the Africa region by implementing HSEC Online® – a digital contractor management platform – to manage communications between contractors and their various businesses.

HSEC Online® is a configurable cloud based solution that enables clients and the contractor community to digitise contractor safety files, manage contractor registration, and securely store and share information, documentation, and records online.

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7 February 2022

JSE programme sets out to boost SME growth with mentor and capital access

Ingrid Osborne, one of the founders of Saryx Engineering Group, can testify to the success of the programme. After its own experience with digitisation and maintaining safety and compliance systems, Saryx developed HSEC Online®, which is a cloud-based digital health and safety document compliance solution.

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26 January 2022

Saryx optimises remote client engineering operations despite pandemic challenges

Businesses rely on speed, efficiency, and a high level of agility to meet the demands of their customers and failure to deliver on time can result in grave financial losses. Often the impact of outdated technologies on plant productivity are highly underestimated. Outdated technologies add to longer breakdowns resulting in longer down times, inevitable reaching a point where the technologies used to control the movement of materials are simply no longer fit to deliver the efficiencies required.

Saryx Engineering Group faced these challenges at two client sites located in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, respectively. The need to upgrade control software across the specific outdated systems was further exacerbated by the tricky lockdowns implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Roland Verwey, Control Automation Manager at Saryx Engineering Group, the challenge in the Western Cape client revolved around the need to install a new tippler and associated conveyors and rail works into the existing plant control system. However, as the new installations use the latest software, it was quickly noted that the existing central control room’s older software was incompatible with this.

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24 January 2022

SkillUp Training takes business and computing skills to underprivileged communities

SkillUp Training helps companies meet CSI obligations while delivering critical Microsoft and business administration training to those areas where it is needed most.

The concerted effort of SkillUp Training – part of Saryx Engineering Group – has seen underprivileged residents from areas including Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg, Paternoster and St Helena’s Bay acquire additional skills to help them obtain a job, or even launch their own small business.

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1 December 2021

HSEC Online® makes safety sense and quality sense

Richards Bay Crane Hire (RBCH) has been providing crane hire rigging and services to the industry and businesses within the Richards Bay area since 1998.

RBCH is committed to providing professional services that align with changes in the industry. To this end machinery and equipment is maintained, safety checks on machinery are carried out on a regular basis, operator (or driver) medicals are kept up to date, and operator training is conducted on a regular basis. All these measures translate to effectively adding benefit to clients and to standing out from the competition.

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10 November 2021

Saryx Engineering Group I JSE Enterprise Acceleration Programme

Congratulations to Saryx Engineering Group powering HSEC Online® Engineering Group for successfully completing the JSE Enterprise Acceleration Pilot Programme.

“The JSE Accelerator Programme is intended to foster the next generation of corporate South Africa giving you access to markets; it’s meant to be quick and easy for it to accelerate. The JSE network lends itself to opportunities and it’s a fantastic opportunity as it has CEOs, mentors, and other entrepreneurs to learn from.”
– Ingrid Osborne, CEO Saryx Engineering Group

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14 October 2021

Smart water system management

In a water-scarce country like South Africa, it is no surprise that water has become one of the most precious natural resources. For many years, there has been a dependence among those in the water provision and treatment industry to rely on scada systems. These are used to monitor parts of the water distribution systems, but nonetheless have practical limitations regarding their installation points…

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13 September 2021

Going digital is a compliance game-changer

Digitisation is the key to business growth and evolution, particularly in respect of the complexities and challenges around health and safety compliance.

In the modern world, digital transformation is without doubt the key to business success. Businesses today need to constantly evolve and add new products or services in response to changes in the market. Technology allows them to do this more rapidly, accurately and cost effectively than ever before, enabling them to easily diversify into new areas.

Speaking at the recent Africa Automation Technology Fair virtual event, Ingrid Osborne, Co-founder and CEO at Saryx Engineering Group, explains that effective digitisation is all about understanding and reading the market, while also not being afraid to adopt new technologies or approaches.

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1 September 2021

Saryx Engineering Group launches Training Management Platform
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6 August 2021

HSEC Online® Simplifies Health and Safety Compliance for Companies
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November 2019

Saryx helps Transnet achieve ROI through SCADA Modernisation
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12 March 2019

Saryx recognised in March 2019 as 25 of the most successful business ideas in South Africa by Entrepreneur South Africa.
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November 2018

Breaking new ground
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November 2018

Local system integrator lands unexpected boost to the big-time
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August 2018

Saryx Engineering Group wins FNB Business Innovation Awards 2018
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August 2018

Setting the standard for document safety and compliance
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11 June 2018

Our bright sparks need better support
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May 2017

Saryx streamlines document processing
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November 2016

TCS upgrade at RBCT
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June 2016

Control system upgrade at RBCT stabilizes plant critical operations
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January 2014

Taking the stress out of rail
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