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Training Management Platform

Saryx developed a Training Management Platform to enable any training facility, whether it is an internal training department or a large company supplying training to the public, to digitise management of their training services.

Training Management Platform enables you to host all types of events, including virtual, classroom-based, or hybrid training, webinars, and pre-recorded seminars. You can manage calendars, clients, trainees, trainee history and certifications.


TMP allows you to specify documents that are required for the trainees and pre-requisite documents or training for a specific training module. It has an interactive Calendar and an Action Dashboard that identifies events that require attention, and it ensures that critical steps are not missed. The integrated calendar automatically emails calendar invites to the attendees.

The pain of generating certificates of attendance or competency is removed by the Generation of Certificates function which uses both a unique digital signature and a QR code that can be scanned to verify the trainees. Levels of approval based on user roles can be set up to ensure that certificates cannot be printed if the trainee’s payment confirmation has not been captured and so that certificates cannot be fraudulently printed.

TMP gives you the ability to add Computer Based Training (CBT) which enables you to manage your online training content, slides, and videos. You can add an assessment for each module and allocate pass rates. You can set the number of times a person attempts the assessment. Scheduled trainees can login from anywhere and complete the online training and assessments assigned to them. As soon as the training is completed and passed, a certificate is generated and emailed, or generated and pushed to automatically sync into HSEC Online®. With TMP your trainees can book their training online.

Integration into HSEC Online® and Access Control

Many companies are already using HSEC Online® for Document Management and Document Sharing purposes. TMP and HSEC Online® are integrated to assist training facilities with the real-time pushing of training records to their clients as soon as training is completed. This reduces manual work where hard copies of certificates need to be scanned and uploaded, reducing the human interaction required to keep their documentation up to date. It minimises the risk of hard copy certificates being lost, and there are no delays in companies receiving certificates as well as minimizing vetting requirements, as it is being pushed directly via the system and simply accepted from the company side.