Richards Bay Crane Hire (RBCH) has been providing crane hire rigging and services to the industry and businesses within the Richards Bay area since 1998.

RBCH is committed to providing professional services that align with changes in the industry. To this end machinery and equipment is maintained, safety checks on machinery are carried out on a regular basis, operator (or driver) medicals are kept up to date, and operator training is conducted on a regular basis. All these measures translate to effectively adding benefit to clients and to standing out from the competition.

Says Natasha Dhaver, Safety Manager at RBCH, “When HSEC Online® was introduced to us, we quickly realised that this solution would help us to track all the dates for medicals, training, and control documentation more effectively and efficiently. No more paperwork which, for any person in the SHEQ field, can be daunting, and no more worrying about employees wasting time and being blocked from gaining onsite access to do their work.”

With the implementation of HSEC Online® RBCH can now keep track of site inductions, medicals, track six monthly and annual checks for mobile cranes, as well as proactively manage all health and safety documentation and legal compliance.

“HSEC Online® aligns with ISO 9001 and this works perfectly to get us compliant and audit ready at any given time of the day. All documents can be accessed via a cell phone from anywhere!”

Says Dhaver, “I advise companies to use HSEC Online® from the beginning, it is a great tool to assist businesses, especially new businesses, to align themselves with industry norms in terms of paperwork and safety compliance. It is scalable and there are many modules to implement with full support and training offered by a team of experts.”

RBCH plans to be fully aligned to an ISO 9001 system, and to have all inventory controls and checklists 100% up to date using HSEC Online®.

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