Saryx Engineering Group facilitated the rollout and project management for contractor pack requirement alignment at 14 sites across the Africa region. This included implementation, change management control, contractor roadshows and workshops, site and contractor training, and site and contractor support for the project.

The time taken to complete the rollout of HSEC Online® took five months at which stage all 14 sites were managing contracting companies, their employees, equipment, and tracking, and dashboarding contractor safety compliance.

Each site was configured with unique requirements based on region, specific site requirements, and workflow levels. Using inhouse HSEC Online® business analysts and developers and working closely with the client teams, Saryx was able to be agile with support, upgrades, and improvements to the system.

Since the start of the rollout, Saryx has implemented the following additional HSEC Online® functionality:

  • Detailed supplier dashboards and historical trending
  • Ability for clients to submit documents on behalf of suppliers
  • Submission of documents with additional fields but no documents
  • Submission of documents that do not require approval
  • Exit Medical approval/ rejection
  • Exit Medical archiving
  • Labour Hours
  • Multi-projects
  • Project specific Exit Medicals
  • Searchable Archived Document access including suppliers that no longer supply services on site
  • Handling, reporting and approval of primary and sub-contractors
  • Advanced Approval Workflow
  • Cross site approval: generic documents can be approved across a group of sites
  • Supplier Forum Attendance registers
  • On-boarding configuration allowing for site specific additional fields
  • Automated Qualification/ Certificate feed from preapproved training companies
  • Services Search enables clients to see company details for potential vendors. If they are within the corporate structure, there is visibility of their percentage compliance at partner corporates.
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